About Nanoguard

Our secret is silver.  We use specially designed silver particles to eliminate odor producing bacteria that may come in contact with the fabric.  Our proprietary technology binds these silver particles to the fabric for the life of the product.  These particles are precise, non-ionic and no-toxic.

Our process allows us to create an effective product with absolutely no harsh chemical residue that will stop odor without stopping you.Independent tests have confirmed that a variety of bacterial strains have been eliminated 99.99% when they come in contact with our treated fabrics giving you a piece of mind that odor will not be a problem.

Some companies have tried similar methods by simply threading silver which is too expensive, and it only works for the portion of fabric where the bacteria comes in contact with the silver which is very small.Our process is different, the entire surface area of the fabric is treated with our specially designed silver particles eliminating the bacteria that comes in contact with the treated fabric.

Other less effective method that companies have used is to simply spray on colloidal silver.  These sprays often contain harsh chemicals that are harmful when they come in contact with the skin.  They also do not bind the silver to the fabric like our process does.  This results in washout of their solution and a diminished effectiveness of their product.

The durably of our products have been confirmed by washing our fabric over 50 times and examining them under a Scanning Electron Microscope.  It was found that there was no difference in the amount of silver adhered to the fabric as the fabric that was not washed at all.